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Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines
 Abstract submissions can only be made electronically through the congress website.
 An abstract can be submitted to the COA2019 if it has not been published previously.
 Please submit the abstract by following the submission procedures.
 Please note that abstracts submitted by e-mail, mail or fax CANNOT be accepted.
 Each individual may submit more than one abstract with the same account.
 The first author must present his/her presentation.
 Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted and will therefore not be considered for the program or for publication.

Abstract Preparation
 Abstract Title
There is a limit of 100 words, including spaces, for the title of an abstract.
Identifying information such as author or institution names should not be included in the title.
Only enter the title in the title field and do not include it in the body of the abstract.
 Abstract Body
There is a limit of 1,000 words, including spaces, for the text of abstract submissions.
Abstract titles, author names, author institutions, and information in tables and images do not count toward the 1,000 words limit.
Abstract must be submitted in English and should be written with clear paragraphs for “Objectives,” “Materials and Methods,” “Result” and “Conclusion. 
 Tables and Images
Do not include any figures, tables, charts, references or illustrations in the abstract’s body.
Abbreviations should conform to the recommendations made by the IUB Committee of Editors on Biochemical Journals.
Use the abbreviation in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears. Use no more than three nonstandard abbreviations.

Presentation Preferences


 Published only

Submission Procedure
Before submitting your abstract, you have to create a personal account first which will be used for abstract submission and modification. 
Please use the account and password you have created before to submit another abstract or edit existing absrtact (s). 
You may add additional authors with their institutions and it is important to ensure that they are in the correct order. 
You will be allowed to review all the information that was entered on each step of the submission process and a green check mark will display at the center of the review step if it was completed successfully.
Once submission is completed, you will automatically receive an E-mail confirming the receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive this E-mail within 1 hour after submission, there is a possibility that your submission has not been processed successfully. You may check your submission status using your account. 
Please make sure all the submitted information is accurate before the submission deadline.
Only the accepted abstracts of fully registered and paid presenters can be included in the final scientific program. The presenting author is expected to attend the conference and present his/her oral or e-Poster presentation.

Notification of Acceptance
 All abstracts submitted online will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. 
 Abstracts may be selected for oral presentation or e-Poster presentation. 
 Information regarding acceptance will be sent to the abstract submitter before August 10, 2019.
 Instructions for preparation of oral and e-Poster presentations will be sent together with the acceptance notification.
 The first author must present his/her presentation.
 The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract.
 Please note that all abstracts accepted for presentation will be published on the website prior to the conference.

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